Welcome. is a website about understanding the nature of change, the unknown influences that affect our lives. It is also about a lifestyle, a knowledge base that can be used as a tool for living our lives more effectively. For some, that effectiveness comes in the form of achievement, for others, it may be simply learning how to accept and nurture the nature of our being, our relations with others and the world in which we live. At times, it may be that we discover how to balance both doing and being.

In Secret Chalice, I look forward to offering educational information to assist you in your journey. Coming home, living in the center amongst change takes courage. Our container is God, a Higher Power, whatever the name that it is called. This understanding of that which is greater than ourselves, makes possible the common language of humanity. And it is through this vessel that we are able as human beings to participate with the creation as well as the maintenance of all of life.

Sometimes we forget, sometimes it is difficult to remember. Sometimes we decide to ignore that which is greater because in doing so, it enables us to feel more in control so that we can seem to be more effective. Sometimes, being independent allows us to do what we need to do to be more effective on our journey. No matter the situation, learning to handle change is something we all experience. No matter our individual tempos, change affects us all.


The Chalices presented are grouped in such a way to govern many themes in the world of the unseen.

We start with the Psychic Chalice, a chalice that is the basis for remaining centered in the midst of change. The Psychic Chalice allows us to monitor unseen changes that occur on a daily, as well as weekly basis. Other time frames could also be manifest, however for the purposes of usefulness in centering in the present moment from which all lessons can be learned, at this point weekly time frames are most relevant.

The Psychic Chalice is the beginning…

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