Psychic Guidance of May 14 – May 20, 2018

by RedMoon ~ May 14th, 2018. Filed under: Psychic Chalice, Weekly Guidance.

This week of May 14 – May 20, 2018, the psychic energies that are affecting each and everyone of us around the world, given the change in time zones, suggest that we individually learn to guide ourselves in understanding how to:

  • Surrender to my own Magnificence.
  • Know that anytime I have a dis-ease, it is an attempt to solve a problem and I will ask God or a Higher Power to show me a solution which supports and empowers me.
  • Ask for an intimate relationship with love.


  • Accepting responsibility for my life and release being a victim.

Relating to:

  • Affirming that I do not need to be special or different to receive God’s or a Higher Power’s love.


  • Giving myself the gift of prayer and meditation.
  • Accepting the means toward achieving a goal I have given to God or a Higher Power.
  • Forming a clear thought of what I really want and ask God or a Higher Power for it.
  • Giving myself complete permission to feel and express the joy in me.



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