Psychic Guidance of September 18 – September 24, 2017

by RedMoon ~ September 18th, 2017. Filed under: Psychic Chalice, Weekly Guidance.

This week of September 18 – September 24, 2017, the psychic energies that are affecting each and every one of us around the world, given the change in time zones, suggest that we individually learn to guide ourselves in understanding how to:

  • Accept my sexuality as a gift from God or a Higher Power and to ask God or a Higher Power how to be at peace with my sexuality.
  • Ask and receive help from people as a demonstration of strength in vulnerability.
  • Become conscious of the anger and hurt I feel toward my parents and my projections on others and to give myself permission to feel, appropriately express and release the anger.
  • Give myself permission to play and have fun.
  • Give myself the gift of being I community and ask God or a Higher Power how and where to include myself.
  • Look for love everywhere including within myself.
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