Psychic Guidance of February 13 – February 19, 2017

by RedMoon ~ February 13th, 2017. Filed under: Psychic Chalice, Weekly Guidance.

This week of February 13 – February 19, 2017, the psychic energies that are affecting each and everyone of us around the world, given the change in time zones, suggest that we individually learn to guide ourselves in understanding how to:

  • Affirm that I do not need to be special or different to receive God’s or a Higher Power’s love.


Due to the nature of our sociopolitical world as of  January 2017, I am including in this posting President Donald Trump’s spiritual guidance for the week (below) relative to the Universal Spiritual Guidance (above):

  • Acknowledge that where I am in my life is on a spiritual plateau and to be patient and gentle with myself.
  • Surrender to my own magnificence.
  • Commit or recommit to what my vision is and to living it.


  • More fully forgive someone from my past for what I thought he or she did to me.


  • Becoming conscious of my defenses to realize it is safe and rewarding for me to open myself to receive love.
  • Asking God or a Higher Power how everyone can win in this situation.
  • Accepting that I chose my family of birth by the law of attraction as a reflection of me and affirming to receive the gifts they have for me.
  • Accepting that my will is God’s or a Higher Power’s will and my will be done.
  • Giving myself complete permission to feel and express the joy in me.
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